What is the material used?

We use premium blended/pure cotton batik made in Indonesian and Malaysia.

Is the material hot?

Batik is made from cotton, which is comfortable for tropical climate.

What is the type of Batik used?

We use mainly hand-stamped Batik that is handmade by artisans and dyed using the traditional method. We also use machine printed Batik for certain products or accessories.

Will the color run?

Given they are mostly naturally dyed, we advise to wash with like colors.

How do I care for my Batik products?

Please do hand wash the first time and if dark color runs, rinse the batik repeatedly until water is clear.

Subsequently, hand wash is preferred with mild detergent, machines low tumble is fine. Do not leave out in the sun for long to preserve its color vibrancy. (They dry pretty fast!)